About Us

Who we are

Cozad Community Foundation (CCF) was created with the goal of assisting those who want to make charitable gifts towards projects and funds that can positively impact the quality of life in the Cozad area.

CCF is a not-for-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status which means your contributions to the Foundation may be tax exempt.

Board Members

The Cozad Community Foundation board of directors welcomes the opportunity to explain how you can use the benefits of charitable giving to address current and future needs in our community.

Key People

  • President: Bri Snider
  • Vice President: Linda Benjamin
  • Secretary: Robyn Geiser
  • Treasurer: Kevin Gilbert

Board Members

  • Scott Zimbelman
  • Marcus Kloepping
  • Claire Bazata
  • Bill Wilkinson
  • Megan Wetovick
  • Erin Chytka
  • Jennifer Howerter